Breton Pancakes, a carnival pleasure

Pancakes are associated to the festivals of the Candlemas and  Shrove Tuesday. They were traditionally offered to pilgrims on the way to Rome for Candlemas then they were made for  Shove Tuesday, the last day before the fasting of Lent. We took advantage by emptying the larder of eggs, milk, and all the “ fat” and  by having fun during the carnival, allowing all the fantasies before the beginning of the forty days of  fasting and abstinence.

Breton pancakes have stayed attached to tradition and the crêperies are always appreciated by the tourists and also by the local population. In the family everyone has his or her own recipe always made with wheat flour, eggs, milk and a pinch of salt and don’t forget to toss the pancakes while holding a piece of money in your left hand to assure prosperity all through the year.

In other regions, the traditional pancakes is substituted by the carnival donut, also called bugne especially in the north and the east of France. These donuts existed in the time of antique Rome.

Pancakes and donuts are traditionally made for the Carnival.

Happy St Valentine from Combourg

Happy Valentine’s day to all the Valentins and Valentines and to all those in love! The St Valentine is the  dream occasion to post the first article on our new blog for the  camping municipal at Combourg which rhymes so well with Amour. As we are in the cradle of Romanticism, let’s be romantic!

The origins of the St Valentine are a little hazy: from the pagan ritual of the Lupercalia celebrated in antique Rome we prefer the more romantic notion of the mating of birds during this period of February. At the St Valentine, who became the patron of  engaged couples in the Middle Ages, the young girls kept a sharp lookout for the birds, the sort of bird seen predicted either a happy marriage, poor, rich...

In Combourg you certainly won’t meet these wonderful sun parrots, who live in a much warmer climate, but the crested grebes are present on the quiet lake and the nuptial parade will follow.

Whatever your convictions, Valentins and Valentines, love each other and live happily! 

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