Brittany, a department devoted to cycling

The advantages of using a bike

Everybody knows the qualities of using a bike :

  • No energy used and no pollution
  • No problem with noise
  • Use very little public places
  • Good for your health
  • Friendly
  • Adapted to the rhythm of your holiday and leisure time

Who uses a bike ?

Four large and different types of cyclists have been registered :

  • The pendular or utilitarian cyclist: he uses his bike to go to work, to school but also uses the local transport (bus, tram, underground…)
  • The leisure and tour cyclist: he uses his bike for a tour, he appreciates the pleasure of the tour
  • The bike tourist: he uses his bike on holiday or he goes on holiday by bike (itinerant)
  • The sportsman or woman: he rides fast on rolling roads ; on a VTT, he likes strong sensation roads or ways

The Tourist Office of Combourg ready for the next cycling event (15.06.07)

Combourg, Green station

As we have already seen before, Combourg is not just labeled as « Little city of character » but also “Green Station” 

What is a Green Station ?

It is in fact a tourist destination for activities and holidays in a town with less than 10000 habitants, known nationally as a town organised, offering services and of course  pleasure associated with nature. :

  • Nature, respected and preserved
  • A selection of holidays to deviate in relation to your tastes
  • Places and activities to enjoy and to share
  • The chance to taste and to discover new things

What are the obligations of a Green Station ?

Green Stations should by consequent:

  • Propose an offer permanent and organised for activities
  • Show respect for the environment
  • Propose a tourist office organised with information and welcome
  • Propose a minimum of 200 beds in assorted lodgings
  • Offer to visitors, services, shops, play areas, green spaces well maintained and flowered
  • Have the relevant material for activities (swimming, games, sport, walkways)
  • Put in place for visitors places to visit: nature, visits, local products to sample

Combourg – Little city of Breton character.

You are in Combourg , North Brittany Ille et Vilaine. 

Profit from your visit to discover its charms.

The origins of the town.

The name Combourg has its origins in two roots, both celtic, which gave the words “combe” and “borne”, which mean the borders of the valley.

Created before the 11th century, the parish was often damaged due to its role as protection of the dukedom of Brittany. The end of the 100 year war and it’s attachment to the french crown allowed it to prosper both artisanal and agricultural.

Thanks to its situation geographical well placed between Rennes, St Malo, Fougères et Dinan, Combourg has stayed a territory of exchanges and encounters.

A preserved heritage

The Castle

If there is nothing left of the old primitive castle of the 11th century, built to protect the old bishop of Dol, the actual Castle presents a good homogeneity even though it was built in different stages between the 13th and 15th century.

In 1761, the Earldom of Combourg became the property of the father of François-René de Chateaubriand, who was very impressed on arriving in Combourg by the “whole castle” which looked like a “cart chariot” witch four wheels”.

Still belonging to the family of the famous writer, the estate underwent important renovation in 1876. It’s from this date that the park of 25 hectares was landscaped, by the famous landscape gardener, Denis Bühler.

COMBOURG – Ideal destination for active holiday makers.

Are you thinking of coming to France in the very near future? Active as you are, it’s important to travel to an area where there are many activities, but you are at a loss to know where to go? Overflowing with tourist sites, the town of Combourg, in the department of Ille et Vilaine, on the road of the doors of Brittany, is an excellent option. Maybe you would like to know the different activities, available for you? Read on a little further.

Visit the Monuments.

Unusual listed edifices, as for historical monuments can be found in the town of Combourg, so why not visit them. Among there monuments, we can mention among others, the Castle of Combourg, famous for its frontage roof and gardens, the Lantern House, also called the Trémaudan Hotel or the Turret House, known for its tower, lit up during fairs, and the Manor du Grand Trémaudan, an architecture work of art dating from the 15th century. By visiting these edifices with a local guide or a specialist of the monument, you will not only be satisfied, but your hunger for history will also be satisfied.

The marvel of high tides

The Bay of Mont- St- Michel is particularly spoilt.

In the English Channel this spectacular marvel of the high tide, is the result of the moon and the sun on the seas and oceans, because it’s there that the tidal range is the biggest. 

But first of all, what is the tidal range? It’s the difference between the height of  the open sea and the low tide consecutively and it varies a lot in different parts of the globe ; the most important can be seen in Canada, in the Fundy Bay, where it can reach 17m, maximum, 15m in the Bay of Mont-St-Michel  while it can be just 2.5m in the Golf of Gascogne.

The 21st March, next, the first "High Tide of the Century" of the new Millennium will give a wonderful spectacle of a high tide of 119 and a tidal Range of 14 or 15m, as high as a building of 4 floors. In France, (a notion used only in these countries), the coefficient is between 20 and 120. When the coefficient of the tide is high, the sea rises and goes down low. When the neap tides arrive, one week later, 28th March, For a coefficient of 36, the tidal range in the same zone will not be more than 4.25m, 10m  less!

A "Tide of the Century" which is wrongly named

The title "Tide of the Century" is a little wrong as this marvel happens every 18 years, or so when the factors are found together (wind, the swell of the sea, low pressure) play a maximum on the forces of the tides. As well, the last high tide with it’s coefficient was on the 10th March 1997 and the following won’t be until the 3rd March 2033 and the 14th March 2051. And in 2073, the coefficient will be 120! What about making it a date?

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