The marvel of high tides

The Bay of Mont- St- Michel is particularly spoilt.

In the English Channel this spectacular marvel of the high tide, is the result of the moon and the sun on the seas and oceans, because it’s there that the tidal range is the biggest. 

But first of all, what is the tidal range? It’s the difference between the height of  the open sea and the low tide consecutively and it varies a lot in different parts of the globe ; the most important can be seen in Canada, in the Fundy Bay, where it can reach 17m, maximum, 15m in the Bay of Mont-St-Michel  while it can be just 2.5m in the Golf of Gascogne.

The 21st March, next, the first "High Tide of the Century" of the new Millennium will give a wonderful spectacle of a high tide of 119 and a tidal Range of 14 or 15m, as high as a building of 4 floors. In France, (a notion used only in these countries), the coefficient is between 20 and 120. When the coefficient of the tide is high, the sea rises and goes down low. When the neap tides arrive, one week later, 28th March, For a coefficient of 36, the tidal range in the same zone will not be more than 4.25m, 10m  less!

A "Tide of the Century" which is wrongly named

The title "Tide of the Century" is a little wrong as this marvel happens every 18 years, or so when the factors are found together (wind, the swell of the sea, low pressure) play a maximum on the forces of the tides. As well, the last high tide with it’s coefficient was on the 10th March 1997 and the following won’t be until the 3rd March 2033 and the 14th March 2051. And in 2073, the coefficient will be 120! What about making it a date?

Dates des prochaines grandes marées 2015 et leur coefficient 

Samedi 21 mars : 119

Dimanche 19 avril : 113

lundi 18 mai : 102

Dimanche 2 août : 106

Lundi 31 août : 114

Mardi 29 septembre : 117

Mercredi 28 octobre :  : 113

Jeudi 26 décembre : 104

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