The tasty breton cider

And you, do you drink cider with your savoury and sweet pancakes ?

Known since ancient time, cider took off in the Middle Ages, thanks to the invention of the pressing machine.

Cider, an everyday drink, was the favourite drink of the Bretons (in Rennes, at the beginning of the century, it was recorded that about 300 l of cider was drunk by person and by year!) and it replaced water which was still not very healthy at this time.

Half of the cider produced is drunk in Brittany, especially with sweet and savoury pancakes but it can also be used with chicken, pork, filet of duck, fish or tarts.

In towns, wine gradually replaced cider on the table, causing its decline. We have to recognize that the home produced cider of the countryside was not really adapted to the taste buds of the townspeople. But bottled cider, of good quality, helped to increase the consummation of this delicious drink. The technique has developed a lot, based on that of wine or beer, bringing up the blazon of cider even if the apple drink is still not drank regularly in pubs, restaurants or night clubs, while in the United Kingdom, draught cider has taken an excellent place behind draught beer.

Little by little, however, new uses have come about for cider, especially at the hour of the “aperitif”. Far from the image of the countryside, nature and tradition. Welcome to new creations, like Raspberry Cider. The quality is there and it’s constant.

According to Bertrand Larcher, a manager who is convinced “ There is the same complexity in cider as in wine: three hundred different varieties of apples are known in Brittany: the taste of the cider depends on the climate,the soil and the association of the fruit…..” Cider is tasted in the same way as wine.

There is not just a cider but ciders. There is a mixture of three categories of cider apples which allows us to obtain a well balanced cider:

  • Sweet apples, rich in sugar, with a high level in alcohol
  • Sour apples giving the cider a fresh and sour taste
  • Bitter apples, rich in polyphenols, giving the body of the cider a bitterness more or less

And it’s the expert in cider to find the right balance between the taste, the perfume and the bubbles.

Whatever you choose, sweet, half dry or extra dry to refresh yourself or to go with your meals, it will fulfil your needs.


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